About ISD

Institute of Skills Development (ISD) is an organization, established since 2015, by a team of hardworking and dedicated young entrepreneurs, initiated to provide training in different realms of life with an aim to support every individual by enhancing their capabilities and aptitudes to represent themselves as propagators of 21st century.
ISD has since been successfully creating opportunities for youth, by empowering, promoting and helping them discover their skills and abilities. At ISD, we offer in-campus trainings to students related to English language proficiency, advanced computer trainings like web development and ICT skills, as well as Film making, using latest skills and state-of-the art technologies. We are currently able to easily accommodate and train around 120 students at a time, under the supervision of well-trained and professional trainers.
ISD also provides professional trainings and workshops to education systems and other similar organizations. Our aim here is to promote innovation in teaching, research and services, providing experiences, opportunities and resources that support the growth of teachers in achieving excellence in teaching and research. Guided by faculty interests and goals, and the values of innovation, collaboration and partnerships, it is a place where everyone can connect to share knowledge and skills that support each other’s growth in professional skills and development. We at ISD help in imparting knowledge through training programs with a focus on Students and Teachers Training and Development, Character Building, Ethical and Moral Development, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Soft Skills (like Problem solving, Decision making and Teamwork), English Language Speaking Proficiency, Creative Reading and Writing Skills, as well as trainings for Basic and Advanced Computer Skills. Furthermore, ISD has a team of highly qualified professionals who not only provide trainings but also take projects to help in developing curricula and instructional designs for schools, college and university levels, after extensive research with students and teachers.
Apart from education, ISD also provides opportunities to help in promoting local businesses and schools through social and local media campaigning as well as developing specialized documentaries. At ISD, we have a media marketing and business development program, which helps in providing opportunities for young entrepreneurs, teaching them how to successfully run businesses and initiate projects.
Over the course of more than three years, we have been successfully training different institutes at different levels, in terms of students and teacher’s trainings as well as promoting businesses. We have worked with leading institutes like, The Educators Swat COC, Swat Children Academy, Iqra College Kanju, Excelsior College Swat, Swat Cambridge School System, Faiz Public School, The Leads School System, Youth Development Institute Swat, Reliance Training Services, University of Swat and University of Malakand.
We work professionally, with a highly innovative organizational culture that redefines the traditional definition of institutes. We are confident that with ISD’s vision, achievements and our dedicated and hard-working team, we will prove to be beneficial for both our institute and our customers. We at ISD try to provide state-of-the-art trainings without any compromises!